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Main parameters & demensions for HY-TLG type steeld drag chains

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Standard joints inner circmference Connecting mode A Connecting mode B Connecting mode C on zhe outer circmference Connecting mode D on the outer circmference Connecting mode C on zhe inner circmference

Speciflcatlons for orderlng : Travel11.2m,Bending radius300mm,3Cable diameter48,3CabIediameter28, 2HosesdIameter36

TLG-A75/    300×  6875 /      350-       D/E          “S”

Width of support board
Mode of fixing
Mode of installation

TLG type supporting boards in varjous specifications

  The TLG type aluminium alloy drag chains are different from the ordinary ones.They can made by using fixed aluminium shape materials to meet the needs of the users.The width of the supporting board can be 1200mm.When operating under high operating speed and high travel speed,the drag chains can be separaled from one another so as to ensure the cables being protected in a very safe conditions.
  One supporting board is provided for every two chain joints .If one supporting board is needed for each chain joint , please give ?a clear Indication of the model no. 10A/20A /30A/40A rather than 10B/20B/30B /40B/50B.i.e.TLG20A/200×2100/200 " h"or TLG20B/2100×2100 / 200 " h ". 
The order number for " Silver Star type drag chains with aluminium alloy guard is 10B/20B/30B. For further information, please see " Sliver star type Guards" below for details , i.e .TLG20B/200×2100/200 "h ".


TLG -1 aluminium alloy type is the only solution to the larger size chains. The supporting boards can be made according to the requirments of the users. Thanks to the strong construction , the width of the supporting board can be 1200mm.

TLG-Ⅱ plastic spacing straps can moved and adjusted in position freely .If cables in many different specifications . you may select this economic device.

 The TLG drag chains are suitable for installing a large quantity and heavy duty of cables and oil pipes which hallow suspending installation ( supperting is not allowed ) and is lengthy. The supporting plate can be made according to the user’s requirements. It is suitable for machine tools and moving machines .Their bent radius ranges from 50-600mm and the chain’s height is from 35 to 150mm Users can make a free selection of them .
  The TLG type drag chains has a range of 32 metersand are sultable for all kinds of transmissions. It can freely be made longeror shorter. In addition , the bend radius can be changed by changing the pinshaft.
  The width of the supporting board is from 150mm to 600mm .The distance between the holes is 8mm. 
The height of the supporting ,board depends on the max.outside diameter of the cables. When the machine tool is working in the highest speed and if the max. width of the drag chain is longer than 300mm with the chain’s length longer than 4m , one size larger than than normal should be selected just out of consldration of safety.
  The bend radius should be selected according to the max. diameter of a cable and shoulod be 10 times of the diameter of the cable used.The bend radius can be selected as 50-600mm according to the given table.Small radius should be selected for those ones with small travel range. 
  Drag chain length = 1/2 travel range + 4 bend radius . this is only used for the fixed connection which is located at the middle point of the travel range. 
??The fexation of the drag chains can be done according to the location of the machine tools The angle steel can be put in the outer or the inner , in other words in the inner side of the chains or in the oute side. In common cases . It is in the inner side of the chains and face towards outside.

TLG type aluminium alloy protecting board is of completely enclosed type .
TLG type drag chains are newly developed " Sliver Star Protecting Board”. Which are made by using aluminium alloy. Various types of it are available for selection. The order number are 10B/20B/3OB rather than 10A/20A/30A .
Features of the Sliver Star Supperting Board : 
◇Nice-Iooking appearance 
◇The shield sturctur device has passed more than 15 years expenence successfully.
◇It is very stable and very solid protection for cables The width can be 1000mm .
◇The drag chains can be opened up at any positions. 
◇The "Sliver Star Protecting Board "can be installed according to the user ' s request.

Drawing for supporting wheel

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