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To distinguish the quality of machine tool drag chain
date:2015-06-06 11:44
Judge plastic drag chain is qualified or not: 
First, sensory, plastic drag chain to meet the sun, if you can see the reflected light even without astigmatism, then the drag chain materials evenly, the quality is good. 
Second, touch, touch each edges of plastic drag chain, surface area, such as feel smooth and not prick the hand, this can be used to determine production mold is a very small error range. 
Third, rub, use wood down against the surface of the plastic towline, if soon appeared pits, and dropped it is clastic makings, with raw materials of the drag chain is made of Angle materials or back to the furnace charge, if very difficult when the setback, pits, and fall under the debris is short filaments, can judge the drag chain joined in with the raw materials of high strength glass fiber materials, the wear resistance is higher. 
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