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If you choose engineering plastic drag chain
date:2015-06-06 11:44
1. The selection principle of plastic drag chain: high: choose the built-in cable. The most coarse, tubing, the trachea, water a reference height. Plus at least ten percent of the height space as a drag chain in height. If cable, tubing, the trachea, water needs overlap, according to the actual height of the overlap after reference height. 
2. The wide selection of coarser a cable; The sum of the tubing, the trachea and conduit, such as the diameter as the drag chain wide reference and save at least ten percent to the width of the space. 
3. The bending radius: choose the built-in cable; Tubing, the trachea, pipes, etc. The largest bending radius as the test value, and there is more than ten percent of the space. 
4.How to place: within 4. Drag chain cable, tubing, the trachea and conduit; There should be ten percent to fifteen percent of the remaining space to the built-in cable, tubing, the trachea can free activities such as; In the bending radius of drag chain won't produce strong pulling force, can protect cable, tubing, or trachea. 
5. The gap between the larger diameter wire should be laid separately, weight distribution, average isolation if necessary to be separated. 
6. Drag chain needs high speed or high frequency runtime will try to make the wire on the level of separated from each other, refused to mutually superposed, wire, cable, tubing, the trachea when more suggested to use spacer placed separately. 
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