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The organ shields
date:2015-06-06 11:44
The organ type shield 
The organ type shield is a kind of shield machine. 
The organ type shield has the following features: 
1. The shield is not afraid of the foot, hard objects collision deformation, long service life, good sealing and light running etc. 
2. Cover longer journeys, compression is small, the ratio of length to the latter, one of the most advanced in the folding shield form, it can make up for all kinds of shield cannot solve the problem. This type of shield occupies a leading position in the world. 
3. The products use special materials, resistant to coolant, oil, grinding wheel foam and iron filings. 
4. Cover with the advantages of long stroke and compression small. 
5. Shield bellows speed can reach 200 m/min. 
6. Cover inside without any metal parts, don't worry about shield work occurs loose parts and causing severe damage to the machine. 
The application of the organ type shield: 
Organ type shield has been widely applied in nc machine tools, electronic equipment, stone machinery, glass machinery, door machines, injection molding machine, manipulator, lifting transport equipment, automatic warehouse etc. 
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